Why we need Moving Forward

Moving Forward gives information on the reasoning behind the Alternative Care of Children Guidelines and on the issues raised by them. Given the level of detail in the Guidelines, we could not comment on every aspect and you should always use Moving Forward in tandem with the Guidelines.

Who is Moving Forward for?

Moving Forward is a tool for legislators, policy-makers and decision-makers in the field of child protection and alternative care for children. It should also be of interest to professionals and care providers across organisations in the governmental, private and civil society sectors.

Use it:

  • to enhance understanding of provisions in the Guidelines
  • as an advocacy tool
  • as a basis for debates, with a view to adjusting alternative care systems.
  • as a reference base for assessing and monitoring alternative care systems, and for reporting to national and international bodies.

Policy-making implications

While each State develops policy according to its own social, political, cultural and economic context, within Moving Forward, we have highlighted areas where national governments may provide leadership.

View Moving Forward: Implementing the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children

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