Programme for the supervision of children's homes, Mexico

Focus 14: Developing reliable and accountable licensing and inspection systems

There have been concerns in Mexico about the well-being and protection of children in alternative care, first prompted by the possible fate of several children who disappeared from a private children’s home in Mexico City. The local Human Rights Commission issued observations and recommendations calling for more adequate follow up of children in alternative care by the authorities as well as an efficient system of registration and supervision of alternative care. As a result, Mexico City’s local government has created a programme for supervising children’s homes, involving agencies with local responsibilities comprising: the Ministry of Social Development, the Attorney General and Public Prosecutor in matters of child protection, the social welfare authority and the umbrella organisation of civil society organisations.

The initiative aimed to ascertain that children’s homes are operating in accordance with required standards, identify any irregularities in their operation and professionalise the care provided in these homes. To date the programme has assessed the care and services provided by children’s homes and developed a register of all children’s homes and all the young people placed in these institutions.  It now intends to use this information to suggest potential improvements to the provision of alternative care and develop legislation to provide legal recognition and sustainability to a mechanism of supervision of children´s homes. Professional tools and technical standards are also being developed, with UNICEF Mexico’s technical assistance.

For more information see: Comisión de Derechos Humanos del Distrito Federal website
Also The ‘Recommendation of the local Human Rights Commission’ PDF (in Spanish)

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