Supporting Care Leavers in Jordan

Focus 12: Preparation for leaving care and aftercare support  

The Ministry of Social Development is the main governmental body responsible for children in need of care until age 18. Annually, 50–70 young people leave care homes. The Ministry of Social Development has had a long history of informally and sporadically supporting care leavers and has increased some formal services to include the provision of health insurance and the establishment of a small housing project for female care leavers. Due to continuing challenges faced by care leavers, a committee was formed to advocate for their rights, mobilise existing resources and develop new post-care organisations seeking to offer support with housing, education, work and more general psychosocial needs. The committee was spearheaded by SOS Children’s Villages International in Jordan, and includes academics, concerned professionals and care leavers themselves.

Initiatives targeting care leavers in Jordan have gained further momentum through the establishment of the Aman Fund. The Fund secures educational and vocational training scholarships for care leavers, offers career guidance and development, counselling and financial support. All care leavers applying to the fund receive appropriate financial assistance until employment is secure. Additionally, there is an ‘open door policy’ to respond to the needs of care leavers and the Fund has so far succeeded in supporting 1,700 young people.

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