Crèches and nursery schools for prisoners’ and prison officials’ children, India

Focus 6: The care of children whose primary caregiver is in custody

Following a Commission of Investigation and Supreme Court ruling in 2006, Indian prisons have to provide a crèche for children below the age of three and a nursery for children below the age of six. Prisons in Karnataka state, India, have set up crèches and nursery schools attended by children imprisoned with their parents, children of prison officials and children living close to the prison. These joint facilities prevent duplication of provision or the creation of crèches with very small numbers of users. The scheme helps to mitigate the problem of children living in prison becoming socially isolated by allowing them to mix with children from the surrounding area.

For more information see: Collateral Convicts: Children of incarcerated parents.  Recommendations and good practice from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child Day of General Discussion 2011.

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